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All about Crypto KUP

The Crypto-kup project was initiated in 2019, and since 2020 it has shifted its concept to a more advantageous one aimed at assisting the global population in owning a more secure currency that does not incur losses. Crypto-kup employs the (CT) technology, officially becoming the second currency of its kind in the world. We must acknowledge that the transition from the initial concept was significantly different, being a fluctuating currency; however, at present, it is a currency experiencing natural growth without manipulation.

The transition from the original creators to the current ones, along with the issue concerning the name change from CRYPTOKUP to CRYPTO-KUP, resulted in the postponement of its launch in the crypto market. Currently, we are striving to obtain the operational license directly from (CT), a process that may take anywhere from 30 days to several months, depending on the outcome of the negotiations.

What happens if the new license is not obtained?

In this case, all buying and selling transactions will be conducted directly through CRYPTO-KUP.COM by posting ads. Opening sales ads will help you sell faster without having to look for clients, but the STARTKUP trading platform will no longer be activated. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will obtain the license as quickly as possible and all transactions will take place on the future STARTKUP trading platform.

Is there a possibility for the CRYPTO-KUP currency to disappear?

No, there is no such possibility because the KUP currency is a distinct currency that does not rely on the current crypto market, and in this way, nothing can or will be able to lead to the closure of the CRYPTO-KUP project.

At this moment, we are negotiating with those at (CT) for the license and for listing the currency on other crypto platforms.

How robust is the CRYPTO-KUP project at this time?

The CRYPTO-KUP project is strong and has a promising future ahead. We must acknowledge that current laws have caused many CRYPTO projects to be delayed because some laws change even monthly, making it difficult to start the process of obtaining a Crypto license. Even though the CRYPTO-KUP project offers something new and solid, please do not forget that it is still in the project phase at this moment. In the next period, the new CRYPTO-KUP team will begin the rapid advancement procedure, which includes: listing, purchasing (only from holders), selling, and high-level advertising.

CRYPTO-KUP has returned 1% to those who invested, and in this way, there is not even one dollar collected at the moment. Crypto-Kup has distributed a large percentage of coins for free, and some of them are retained by the creators. More details will be listed directly on the website.

The year 2024 will be a very important and successful year for the CRYPTO-KUP project as well as for those who have supported this project.

Please do not sell CRYPTO-KUP coins at low values because we will very soon initiate the buying and selling procedure after obtaining the CT license. All current projects that are honest and do not use valueless contracts have a slower but sure start in launching their projects. CRYPTO-KUP was distributed for free, but the only cost was the WAITING TIME.

By this, you must understand that it is a trustworthy and future-oriented currency that can change your life for the better.
CRYPTO-KUP is so different that it was worth all the waiting and deserves a better future alongside the people who have trusted in this project.

Why is the launch of CRYPTO-KUP so challenging?

The launch of CRYPTO-KUP is hindered due to the current differences in the crypto market. CRYPTO-KUP is not manipulable, and the coins do not fluctuate.

The concept used by CRYPTO-KUP is a registered trademark owned by (CT), and at this moment, we are addressing the legalization of the currency from all angles.

No CRYPTO project can make you rich quickly and safely except through a lot of work, just as we are putting in. Compared to the previous management, we are constantly making improvements and are exerting tremendous efforts for as rapid an entry into the crypto market as possible.
Our organization is, and will always be, of the highest quality!

We will keep you constantly updated with every step made by CRYPTO-KUP.COM in advancing the project.